1 Hour, 70 Euros

Equalization is one of the biggest obstacles in freediving: inefficient equalization can cause frustration and injuries to all level freedivers, and not necessarily only to beginners. The good news is that you don’t need to be in the water to learn most you need about equalization and to perfect aspects of equalization that you haven’t mastered yet.


Deep Equalization for Freediving

300 Euros

This is a 3 days course aiming to teach how to do a mouthfill and using it efficiently during deep dives. This course is suitable for freedivers who are mentally and physically ready for depth but are missing the deep equalization knowledge and practice.


115 Euros

Swimming with a monofin is a great experience, it makes a freediver faster, more efficient, and graceful like a dolphin…if he knows how to use it properly! This course is for freedivers who want to move ahead and learn how to use this beautiful tool in the pool.