Good freedivers are constantly seeking ways to improve their personal performance. Most freedivers do not have permanent access to open water and even when training in the swiming pool it is not a good approach to only and always pushing limits and attempt to achieve personal best times and distance on each training session. This program gives you the skills and knowledge required to plan and conduct a session using freediving training tables, which will improve breath-hold times and increase your tolerance to higher levels of CO2 and train the muscles to better tolerate higher level of lactic acid . One major advantage of training tables is that they help you become more comfortable with longer breath holds.

Course content:

  • 2 confined water sessions to practice both a static and a dynamic tables suitable to each individual freediver’s abilities.
  • 1 theory session to explore the following topics: theory and concept behind the training tables: how are they built,why and how they work, how to design your own tables for both static, dynamic and dry breath-holds.

Price: 150 euro for single student. If at least 2 people join the price is 135 euro per person. The price includes digital SSI certification.’

NOTE! This course is mandatory to access the Instructor Course. If you join our Beginner to Instructor Package, the Training Technique course is already included in the price.