Zero To Hero - Beginner To Instructor Package

Are you tired of your daily routine and need a change in your life? Do you want a change in your career and dream to become a professional freediving instructor, but you have no experience? This is the program for you! We will bring you from being a beginner to being first a competent freediver and then a certified instructor.
Freedive Dahab is forming instructors since 2006, and our trainers are unquestionably the most experienced in this field. Dahab is a great place for freediving training at all levels, you can train at any time of the day due to the shore access to depth; this way you dont need to follow a rigid boat schedule for training sessions.
The living costs in Dahab are very low, you can rent a fully furnished apartment starting at 300-500 euro/month and if you use local restaurants and supermarkets you can live with 8/10 euro per day!

We offer an incomparable flexibility in terms of duration of the training, in fact the minimum recommended training period is 3 months which can be extended to 6 months, and after completing the instructor course you can decide to stay and keep training with us and out staff for free!

ZERO TO HERO is a complete package that takes you from Beginner to SSI Instructor in minimum 3 months.
All SSI courses and training are included:
Normal price for all courses is over 3000 euro

(At the end of the instructor course you will also be qualified as Training Techniques and Free Immersion Specialty Instructor!)

The training schedule over the 3 months period is the following:
Level 1 and 2 will be done within the first 1 or 2 weeks. When the level 2 is completed the student will start the master, which starts about 1 month.
During the second month the student will do the level 3 (if ready) and finish his master. During this time the sole focus is on growing as a freediver, becoming comfortable with depth but also with the pool disciplines. The master instructor will dive with him and work specifically on weak points so to prepare him to the specific requirements for the Instructor Course. During this time we will also complete the Training Table specialty which is especially a useful tool for those instructors who are mainly based in cities and are teaching mostly in swimming pools.
During the third month the trainee will start assisting level 1 and 2 courses under the instructors supervision. Slowly will start seeing mistakes and start giving feedback to real students. He will also carry on with his own training, together with other masters and trainees, and his main training goal is to practice and pass all the requirements of the Instructor Course
MONTH 3-6:
When both the trainee and your instructor trainer feel that the time has come, he will start the next scheduled instructor course. Once finished, the trainee will also have the chance to teach some real courses in order to leave as a confident and independent freediving instructor.

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NOTE! One of the requirements of the Instructor Course is to hold a valid First Aid + Oxygen Provider certification. This is not included in the price, and can be done upon request at our center, at the cost of 130 euro including certification and manual. If you are a scuba diver then you most likely already have a First Aid certification, in which case please check if your certification also hold the Oxygen Provider part, as this is necessary to send to SSI in order to process your ITC paperwork to be certified as an instructor. If you have a regular First Aid certification, it is possible to only do the Oxygen Provider part at the cost of 70 euro (including manual and certification of the full React Right course).