During this 4 weeks you will be able to train every day. Our experienced freedving master instructor will be training with you at least 3 times per week. He will check your progress and give you guidelines for your future training on a weekly basis depending on the targets you want to achieve.
You will also join the other freedivers and masters during their training sessions, dive with the FDD instructors when they do their own training, and if you are preparing for the Instructor Course, you can assist other instructors while they teach freediving courses.
Not only will you naturally become a much better freediver due to all the in-water practice; you will also become a better buddy and coach. You will learn how to prepare different set-ups for different kind of diving, and assist and help during competitions if we have any running during your stay (unless you want to compete, of course:). Also, if you plan on becoming a freediving instructor at some point, you will get plenty of experience by assisting our instructors during courses: you will see all the students mistakes and how they are corrected. You will witness different teaching styles and you will get the chance to practice your own teaching while supervised by FDD instructors. You will also get more static and dynamic experience since we regularly go to the pool to run our courses.
You will also be able to assist as much as you want during the beginner and advanced courses’ theory lessons, and there will be plenty of occasions to learn much about freediving physiology and other practical and theoretical facts by just hanging out with us, since we are all training and competing, and when we are in our center we talk about little else than freediving!

Requirements: to be at least a SSI level 2 or AIDA 3* freediver and have your own complete equipment. Please note that the Freediving Master is a training program and not a course, so there will be no teaching materials, no certification and no fixed schedule/program. Your and your instructor will decide your schedule together on a daily basis based on your needs.

Duration of the program: 4 weeks.

Prices options:

  • 4 weeks program: 430 euro
  • 4 weeks program with Level 3 course: 715 euro (instead of 840 euro)
  • 2 weeks program: 250 euro
  • 2 weeks program with Level 3: 560 euro

 During your freediving master* you will also have the option of doing any of the specialty courses with 10% discounts**: Variable Weight (freediving on our sled), Monofin course and No-Fins freediving (both pool and open water).

*This option is only reserved to the masters doing the full month version 🙂

**Min. 2 people required.

If you dont have your own equipment, you can rent the set at package at 150 euro/month (100 euro for 2 weeks).