50-60 Euro Min. 4 People

Freediving Ras Mohamed is an experience not to miss! Ras Mohamed is a big stunning marine national park easily reached from shore and the freediving there can be amazing; the abundance of fish and marine life is like anywhere else in this part of the Red Sea.


15 Euros

If you want to see the reef as you never saw it before try freediving at night and you will see things that you will never get the chance to see during daylight! It’s very common to see the beautiful spanish dancer swimming gracefully just below the surface, turtles gliding in the darkness, hundreds of different feather stars that only reveal themselves at night and lionfish come out of hiding and hunt for food hovering upside down in mid water.



19 Euros Per Person

South Sinai has a very fascinating desert, with mountains, canyons, sand dunes, dry and carved waterfalls and river beds. Sometimes we take a break from the stunningly blue water to enter the silence of the desert. We go to Wadi Gnai, a deep canyon oasis 10km south of town.


45 Euros Per Person

If you want to have a day off from Freediving, we recommend you to do a day trip in the stunning South Sinai desert. You will travel by Land Cruiser to several beautiful sites, walk through Small Canyon, Closed Canyon, visit the Mushroom Stone and drive through sand dunes. Lunch will be served in the Bedouin oasis of Ain Hodra.