No Fins freediving, especially in deep freediving, is considered the purest form of freediving, and it is only possible to learn the proper technique while practicing the pool. Freediving without fins allows you to achieve a better perception of streamlining, gliding and movement efficiency because by not having a propulsion device you receive immediate feedback if the movements are not correct. Most freedivers don’t have regular access to open water; to keep training freediving they have to focus on the pool disciplines, which are also great training and technique tools for deep freediving.

Course content:

  • 2 pool sessions to learn how to set proper neutral buoyancy, underwater breaststroke technique, streamlining between strokes, start, push-off, turn and surfacing.
  • 1 theory session to explore the following topics: equipment needed for dynamic without fins, proper underwater breast stroke technique, importance of perfect buoyancy and weight distribution in Dynamic without Fins (DNF)
  • 1 stretching session to work on the muscles and joints that are most affected by breast stroke technique, in particular legs, knees and shoulders.

Price: 125 euro for single student. If at least 2 people join the price is 100 euro per person. The price includes digital SSI certification, transportation and pool entry fee.