Mouthfill Course

Deep Equalization for Freediving

This is a 1 day course aiming to teach the basis for diving with mouthfill. This course is suitable for freedivers who are mentally and physically ready for depth but are missing the deep equalization knowledge and practice.

The course includes:

  • 1 theory session during which you will be explained the theory behind the mouthfill mechanics and how to perform a full efficient mouthfill
  • 1 dry practice session with exercises to master awareness and control over the muscles involved in the mouthfill equalization
  • 1 open water dive session to practice mouthfill in combination with exhale and inhale diving

Price: 120 euro

Requirement: being able to dive comfortably to depth of 30/40m prior joining the course.


NOTE: this course is about learning new techniques and not about deep freediving; the student will be performing deep dives only during the last day if he has mastered the required skills. Most of the teaching will be performed at relatively shallow depth. The student will need to provide his own equipment, and he will use bifins. Monofin or free immersion only on the last day.