Equalization Class Over Skype
equalization class for freedivers
equalization class for freedivers
equalization class for freedivers

Equalization is one of the biggest obstacles in freediving: inefficient equalization can cause frustration and injuries to all level freedivers, and not necessarily only to beginners. The good news is that you don’t need to be in the water to learn most you need about equalization and to perfect aspects of equalization that you haven’t mastered yet.
We have 15 of experience teaching all levels freediving and we can confidently say that we encountered (and helped resolving) all possible equalization problems that a freediver can experience! 
Skype is a perfect tool to learn theory and practice of equalization, and depending on the level, we have a series of dry exercises which once mastered will make the next step (equalization in the open water) much closer at hand.
Equalization problems are not only related to the middle ear: our classes can also help freedivers to understand and overcome problem with their sinuses.
These classes are also perfect for someone who wants to start freediving and wants to learn how to equalize head-down efficiently before taking the beginner course, either with us at Freedive Dahab or anywhere else in the world. Our classes are one to one, which means we will follow you personally and the whole class is completely dedicated to you.


-Learn Frenzel equalization and understand its mechanics and why it is preferred to Valsalva

Advanced/Deep Freediving:
-Perfect Frenzel and mask equalization for dives up to 40m;
-Learn the basic theory of Mouthfill equalization, and start dry exercises

How to overcome equalization problems such as:
-Poor understanding of any equalization technique used
-Sinus problems
-Head-down equalization problems
-Congestion related problems

Price: 1 hour, 70 euro

equalization class for freedivers

NOTE: Online classes regarding other freediving-related subjects are also available on request, such as depth adaptation training, short and long term training approaches and so on. Email us and tell us your background and the challenges you are facing; we will get back to you to let you know if we can meet your needs, and if not, no damage done!