Availability: From 1 October to 14 November 2018. From 1 May  to 14 June 2019

Professional camera equipment and photographer available for different kind of underwater shoots: underwater portraits, freediving performance (at the line) and competition, recreational freediving (reef, caves etc.), fashion (outfits & make-up) and creative photography.

Linda has been taking photos for several years and has been mentored by renowned underwater photographer and videographer Jacques De Vos. She is using a full frame camera with a double set of strobes which produce sharp high resolution photos that are good enough to be printed on big size posters if needed.

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Recreational Freediving

Dahab colourful reefs and white sandy patches are perfect backgrounds for recreational freediving photos. All you will need is your freediving equipment and if the water is warm enough you don’t even need to wear your wetsuit if what you want is more a playful look and your features more recognisable. These shoots are quite easy to carry out as we don’t need buoys, rope and weights and they can be done in a variety of places that are not regular freediving training spots.

The best results for these photos are achieved at shallow depths (5-10 meters), where there is more light and more bright colours (of corals, fish etc), and where we can take many more photos because we dont need to rest and breathe-up before each dive. However, if needed we can dive deeper, if the photo requires it.


Base price: 150 euro for 10 edited photos in high resolution.

Extra charges upon request:

  • taxi transportation to chosen location/s, depending on location
  • bikinis-monokinis, 15 euro
  • each extra photo, 15 euro
freediving photos
freediving blue hole dahab

Freediving Performance

With the Blue Hole offering outstanding conditions any give day of the year, there is hardly a better place in the world where to take photos of freedivers training. Depth, visibility, deep blue water, lack of current and waves are guaranteed and we can do all sorts of different angles: shooting down to give the idea of depth, shooting towards the surface for impressive effects, close ups with strobes for a natural skin colour, or wide shots for effect. We can use the vertical wall as a majestic backdrop or with just blue as background. You choose what you like best. Shoots are also available at the Light House bay, where we have 40 meters of depth and good conditions most of the time even if the scenery is not as impressive as the Blue Hole.


Base Price: 150 euro for 10 edited photos in high resolution. Buoy, rope and bottom weight are included.

Extra charges upon request

  • Taxi to Blue Hole, 7 euro
  • Each extra photo, 15 euro
  • Rent of carbon fins or monofins, 8 euro


This above is a photo gallery, click on any thumbnail to see the full photo

Portrait & Fashion Shoots

We will discuss in advance the kind of photos you want and how to best carry out each of the shots. The price depends on the complexity of the photos, logistics of the session and the location chosen. For example, keep in mind that for most photos without fins and mask you should automatically add the assistant (see below) or it will be very hard to achieve the result planned.

Base price: 150 euro x 10 edited photos in high resolution

Extra charges upon request:

  • Make-up artist, 15 euro
  • Outfits (bikinis and other beachwear, leggings, accessories), 15 euro
  • Assistant (includes float, weights and props needed), 20 euro
  • Each extra photo, 15 euro
underwater photography

This above is a photo gallery, click on any thumbnail to see the full photo

This above is a photo gallery, click on any thumbnail to see the full photo

Competition Photos

You want photos of your competition dive as a memory or as media for your sponsors or articles for newspaper, paper or online magazine?


Starting at 20 euro per photo for competitions at the Blue Hole for a package of 4 photos (can be the same freediver or more than 1 in the same group).

For particular needs and for different locations we can figure out a quote for you, just ask [email protected]

freediving competition photo