Swimming with a monofin is a great experience, it makes a freediver faster, more efficient, and graceful like a dolphin…if he knows how to use it properly! This course is for freedivers who want to move ahead and learn how to use this beautiful tool in the pool.

Course content:

  • 2 confined water session during which you will learn and practice monofin swimming technique on the surface and underwater (dynamic apnea) starting with small rubber fins to first learn the right body movement, and then passing to the monofin to perfect the style.
  • 1 theory session during which you will learn what to keep in mind when you choose a monofin for yourself; variety of monofins and difference between them.
  • 1 stretching session to learn the right stretches to improve your body flexibility and acquire a better technique.
monofin course

Price: 115 euro for single student. If at least 2 people join the price is 90 euro per person!

The price includes: training fins/monofins and SSI certification