Freediving Internship

Become an instructor in up to 3 months- at no extra charge!

Do you want to become a freediving instructor and have more free time to dedicate to your training than just the 10 days of the ITC (Instructor Training Course)? Have you done the Master with Freedive Dahab or Blue Immersion? The Instructor Internship is what you are looking for!

Come to Dahab and become SSI Freediving Instructor with Freedive Dahab during a long internship period. You will become a good instructor and a better freediver by assisting our experienced instructors during freediving courses and training sessions. You will get lots of experience by being in contact with many freedivers of all levels and exchanging knowledge and ideas with our interns, instructors and masters. You will help with safety during training sessions, courses and competitions to maximize your experience also on the competitive and high level freediving. Once both you and your instructor think you are ready for the next step, you will enter the next ITC available. We have 100% passing rate on Internships, as you will be able to re-take exams and requirements later if they are not completed during your ITC. Because of this flexible system you have plenty of time to keep practicing your weak points until you are ready for the next evaluation.

Price: The price for the whole internship period is the same as the regular ITC price (950 euro). The price includes: instructor active fee, registration fee and instructor certification. The price does not include the instructor kit cost (190 euro).

Duration: 1-3 months

Requirements: be a Level 3 Freediver (or equivalent) and have done the master with Freedive Dahab or Blue Immersion. If you are a Level 3 Freediver but did not do a Master you can do a Master first at 390 euro.