A Combo Week is a 7 day freediving package deal including accommodation offering a combination of freediving courses and training, where you can choose the option that suits you better.
The combo weeks are always nice because we get together a group of like-minded people for a week and organize some extra social activities besides the training like the trip to Ras Mohammed, night freedive and a great dinner BBQ in the desert.

These are the options available:

option 1: SSI level 1 + 4 days training, 450 euro
option 2: 3 days training + SSI level 2, 460 euro
option 3: SSI level 1 + 1 training day + SSI level 2 , 565 euro

The prices include:
– 7 nights accommodation in double rooms at Blue Beach Hotel
– Transportation to and from the Blue Hole or Light House
– Buoys, ropes and weights
– Freediving instructor and training coach
– Digital student manual and SSI certification
– All freediving equipment needed

*All hotel room have AC and private bathroom and breakfast is included. If you are alone, add 70 euro for the single room


If you want to join the Ras Mohamed Trip add 22 euro
If you want to join the night freedive, add 15 euro (uw flashlight is included)
If you want to join the Monofin course add 60 euro (if single student price is 85 euro)
If you want to add the desert BBQ add 19 euro


Check more available dates in our CALENDAR 
If none of those dates don’t match your travelling dates, no worries, it is still possible to schedule courses as it suits you, and you have 2 options:
1- We can still offer you a similar package but with accommodation in one of our apartments (single occupancy) instead of the hotel.
2- If you want to stay in the hotel, or you only want to book courses without accommodation, we will charge regular prices, which are a bit higher, but you are completely flexible to choose when to start and to add rest days if you wish.

The check in day is the day prior the start, and the check out is the day after, in total 7 nights (for example, on a week running from 10 to 15, check in is on the 9th and check out is on 16th. Training will be running from 10 to 15 – 6 days).


The courses/training sessions (including transports times and lunch time) will keep you busy from 9am until around 4pm. The rest of the day you are free, if you want to be! If not, we have something going on during most of the days:)

During the first day, we meet after training and we all have dinner together in one of the restaurants in the lighthouse bay, close to our center and the hotel. The restaurant also offers vegetarian dishes.
On the second night we dont do much and it is recommended to have an early night if you join the trip to Ras Mohamed (on day 3) as we leave at 7am to make most out of
the day and spend as much time in the water as possible. We come back at around 6pm and you will want to eat something quick and then have a long sleep to recover from
a long diving day.
On day 4 we usually have the night freedive at the Lighthouse bay.
On day 5 we have an amazing afternoon and dinner in one of the rare oasis we have in Dahab. We will leave when we still have daylight so we can go on a short hike
along a narrow and impressive canyon, and in the meanwhile our staff will prepare one of the best dinners you will have during your trip.
On day 6, everyone will already have made good friends and the groups usually have dinner together.