We are now officially open!!

Do you wish to join us but you are uncertain about booking due to the effect COVID 19 has on travel?

Here we will do our best to share some tips and information to help you plan a safe journey with minimal risk. The goal of this page is to provide information to plan a journey for when restrictions will hopefully be more relaxed.

Currently some of the most frequently asked questions we receive are related to the uncertainty of flights and travel.

While many countries have indeed suspended flights or cancelled routes, it is important to note that some airlines are offering unprecedented booking options to help travellers book flights several months in advance with reduced risk for when more normal flights and routes resume. Listed below are some options to assist guests with travel options.

1. When booking flights, consider Alliances instead of airlines.

Booking with an alliance which has many large carriers (airlines), means that you have more flexibility when it comes to changing routes / options in an emergency. This is now more important than ever as uncertainty with routes means that if a carrier cancels a route you will have no workaround to get to your final destination (short of buying a new ticket!).

Many of us choose budget airlines because (lets face it), they are cheap and they get us there, but if you book a combination of flights with low cost carriers (for example Pegasus airlines) that is not part of a big alliance and one of your flights get cancelled, the airline will not be able to assist you in getting between the two points by offering you a flight with a different airline. You might get refunded, but now you might not be able to afford (or find place) with a different airline, especially if it is last minute.

If instead you choose to fly with an airline which is part of a big alliance (one of the world best is Star Alliance, especially to travel from Europe to Egypt), and the same thing happens the odds of having your flight changed and still getting you from point A to point B is almost guaranteed.

Star Alliance includes some of the biggest airlines in the world and for travelling from Europe to Egypt the best ones are Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS, Egyptair and SAS. If you are a Star Alliance Member and your flight with i.e. Lufthansa get cancelled, they will be able to book you at no extra cost on a Turkish or Swiss flight for example, and you will arrive on the same day as originally planned.

2- How to become a member of Star Alliance?

Check for flights on one of the Star Alliance airlines that have Egypt as a destination (among our guests Turkish Airlines is the most popular). Subscribe for their Frequent Flyer Program and you are done!
This LINK will take you directly to TURKISH AIRLINES Frequent Flyer Program page.
This LINK will take you directly to SAS Frequent Flyer Program page..
This LINK will take you directly to LUFTHANSA and SWISS Frequent Flyer Program page.
This LINK will take you directly to EGYPTAIR Frequent Flyer Program page.

Below the list of all airlines part of Star Alliance.



3. Airlines are offering unprecedented offers to help you book with minimal risk

Some Star Alliance airlines are currently offering re-booking options and flight schedule adjustments due to COVID-19. This means you can book a flight now for October and worst case (should it not be possible to fly) you will be allowed to make a change to that booking with zero cost.

As an example read Turkish Airlines policy on open tickets and zero change fees 

Lufthansa also has published the following on their website:
For bookings made until 15 May 2020, the Lufthansa Group airlines waive the rebooking fees for all newly booked flights worldwide and offer a one-time rebooking free of charge – regardless of the conditions of the original fare purchased. Passengers can in future rebook to a new travel date until 30 April 2021 without rebooking fees. Rebooking must be done by 31 August 2020. If the original fare is no longer available, the corresponding difference must be paid. In addition, Lufthansa is offering a discount of 50* Euro for some rebookings with a new travel date within the year 2020.

4. Book Early To Avoid The Potential Rise In Flight Costs

When it comes to booking holidays / travel, many people are following the approach of “I’m going to wait to see what happens…”
The decision to wait to book trips based on the outcome of flights once things ‘settle’ might end up costing a lot more in the long run. Indications are that  airlines will need to take action to enforce some measures to ensure continued social distancing and safety management on flights. The short conclusion: less capacity for passengers = higher ticket prices.

Right now it is in fact possible to book flights for later in 2020 at fairly standard prices and making use of the rebooking offers now (most only valid until August) will likely ensure you wont have to pay much higher prices when restrictions are reduced. It is a small gamble, but can save you quite a bit of many of travel expenses by booking before the demand increases and availability decreases.

5. Book directly through the airline and not a travel agent / third party. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

To ensure you get the full service from the airline you are fling with, always book directly with the airline company. This is done either through their website (the best way) or by calling an official call center for the company. By booking through an agent (online or in person), you risk them booking multiple flights with different tickets which can ultimately make rebookings / changes next to impossible. Very often airlines will also not assist you directly if you booked through an agency and you will simply be told to fix the issue through the agency you booked with.

Examples of booking agents include everything from your local travel agent to websites like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayak etc.

6. Plan To Arrive One Day Early if Possible

For events such as Combo and Training weeks that have fixed starting dates we usually encourage guests to come at least a day before their the start of their scheduled week, just to avoid any delays associated with things like lost luggage or possible cancelled / missed flights (replacement flights are not always available on the same day).


7. We Refund Your Deposit if You Have to Cancel Your Booking

We always had a total refund policy for cancellation (except for some no-show situations or for expenses we had already sustained), and we will continue to do so at this time. So if y to lose you fear losing your deposit there is nothing to worry about!