SSI Level 2 course will equip you with further knowledge of the mammalian diving reflex and how to initiate the best response for Freediving. You will learn new advanced equalization techniques to carry you past 30 meters and develop the skills necessary to go deeper.

The course includes:
-3 theory sessions to achieve a deeper understanding of the physiological changes happening to the body in a high pressure environment and how to use these changes
in order to improve performance.
-1 practical session to practice stretching in order to improve physical, thoracic and abdominal flexibility to adapt to the high pressure environment
-2 pool sessions to improve breath holding time ability, and practice proper techniques for dynamic and dynamic without fins
-4 open water sessions to master “frenzel” equalization technique and learn the advantage and skills of freefalling in order to improve relaxation, save oxygen and increase dive times and depth.

PREREQUISITES: Be 15 years of age or older; have completed the SSI Level 1 Freediving Course (or Equivalent) and logged at least 6 Freediving sessions (including all the sessions of the Level 1 course).

DURATION: 3 days

PRICE: 250 euro. Digital student manual, certification and the use of the equipment are included in the course fee.

DAY 1: Starting at about 9am with some review about breathing and breathe-up techniques and theory about different training methods applicable to both confined and open water training, and dry training. We follow with a static breath-hold session and debriefing. After the lunch break we do the first OW session, working mainly on buoyancy and free falling.
DAY 2: Theory followed by CO2 tables dynamic in confined water, and after lunch break we head to the second OW session, to keep practicing free falling and learn Frenzel equalization.
DAY 3: Two OW sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon with theory and exam in the break. At the end of the day debriefing with wrap-up and celebration photos for our Facebook Page!

Freedive Dahab

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