The SSI Level 1 Freediving course is an introduction to the purest form of diving. This is the first step to learn safe freediving and the basic techniques of breath-holding, relaxation, correct breathing, streamlining, proper finning and body position. This is done in only 2 days and the aim is to get you to freedive comfortably to 10-20 m of depth.
And no, this is not crazy! It is actually a safe and conservative estimate:)


-2 theory sessions to understand the freediving physiology, safety aspects pressure related issues.
-1 Breathing & relaxation session to learn breathing, relaxation and to experience the sensations associated with the urge to breathe.
-1 Static apnea session, to practice the newly acquired breath-holding techniques. This is practiced in the water, laying still on the surface.
-1 dynamic apnea sessions to teach finning technique and safety procedures and all skills that will be required during the OW session.
-2 open water sessions to practice duck diving, body positioning, streamlining with the purpose to allow the student to freedive safely to a depth of 10/20 meters.

PREREQUISITES: Be 12 years of age or older.
DURATION: 2 days

PRICE: 205 euro. The price includes digital student manual, certification and equipment.

DAY 1: We usually start in the morning around 9am with a 1 hour breathing and relaxation class followed by a dry breath hold. We will follow with the first confined water session lasting about 60-90 minutes, then have a lunch break before some theory and then follow with the fist open water session.
DAY 2: We start with more theory followed by another confined water session. After the lunch break we have our final open water session, followed by final exam, wrap-up, and celebration photo for our Facebook Page🙂

Freedive Dahab

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