For SSI Dive Cons or higher

During your Freediving Instructor Course you will receive a series of practical and theoretical sessions under the guidance of your Freediving Instructor Trainer.
Since you are already a SSI Instructor or a SSI Dive Con, you already know the SSI system, how to teach students and deal with them in different water scenarios. For this reason you don’t need to start your freediving instructor course from the beginning, but you can rather concentrate more on practical aspect of teaching freediving. We focus on specific issues that students encounter when learning duck diving, body positioning, head-down equalization, finning and so on. Also you will spend more time in the water to get yourself more confident with your own freediving skills both in the pool and in the open water. At the end of this course you will be certified to teach Basic freediving courses and Level 1 freediving courses. You can upgrade to Level 2 instructor after having certified a minimum amount of students and attended a Level 2 update.

The aim of this freediving instructor course is:
-Getting to know the freediving teaching material to present according to the SSI standards.
-Understanding and recognize the main mistakes and problems you will encounter when teaching Level 1 students.
-Learning and getting comfortable with the level 1 freediving program which you will teach to your students.
-Improving your freediving and teaching skills .
At the end of the course you will be certified as Level 1 Freediving Instructor.
Find all Requirements and Assessments Here

Course duration: Minimum 8 days (depending on number of participants)

Prerequisites: have completed the SSI level 2 freediving course or equivalent course, be SSI dive con or higher, First Aid/CPR and O2 Provider certificate, 18 years of age, medical certificate signed by a doctor.

Price: 850 euro (+Instructor Kit, 190 euro. Certification is included).

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